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Solar Hybrid STATIC UPS

Product Features

Power Saving

Solar Power Priority

Hybrid Mode

Upgradeable Charging Current

User Friendly Feature

LCD Display

Fast Switching

User Friendly

Technical Specification

Model 2.75 KVA 3.75 KVA 5.2 KVA 5.2 KVA 7.5 KVA 10 KVA
Nominal Battery Voltage 48 VDC 96 VDC 120 VDC 120 VDC
Solar Panel Connected for 50
Amps PWM Charge Controller (Max.)
3000 Wp 3000 Wp 3000 Wp 6000 Wp 7500 Wp 8000 Wp

AC Mains Mode

Input Voltage Range (Normal Mode) 100 to 290 VAC + 5 VAC (Wide Range)
Input Voltage Range (Normal Mode) 180 to 260 VAC + 5 VAC
Input Voltage Range (UPS Mode) < 30 ms (in Normal Mode) and < 10 ms (in UPS Mode)
Changeover Time Maximum SA to 18A + 1A (User Programmable)
Max. Charging Current 14 VDC to 15 VDC 1 0.2 VDC per Battery (User Programmable)
Boost Charging Voltage 14.4 + 0.2 VDC per Battery for Tubular
13.8 + 0.2 VDC per Battery for SMF
Boost Charging Voltage (Factory Default) 13.7 + 0.2 VDC per Battery for Tubular
13.5 + 0.2 VDC per Battery for SMF

Battery Backup Mode

Output Voltage at No Load 220 VAC + 7 VAC
Output Frequency 50.0Hz + 0.5Hz
Output Wave Form (At No Load) 100% Pure Sine Wave
Battery Low Alarm 10.6 + 0.2 VDC Per Battery
Battery Low Protection 10.4 + 0.2 VDC Per Battery
Overload (Normal/UPS) 120% (30 Sec.)
Short Circuit (Normal/UPS) 300%

Charging Mode

Max. Charging Current SA to 30Amp. 1.5Amp. (User Programmable)
Charge Controller Efficiency > 98%


S.No. Switch Function(s) Switch Led Status
1 POWER ON/OFF the UPS Output System ON - Led ON
System OFF - Led ON
2 INV/UPS When it is Short Pressed it Enables UPS/Inverter Mode Selection
When it is Long Pressed Enables the UPS Parameter Setting :
The LCD Displays : “Edit Parameters Setting”
The Switches function now Change to :
POWER - Enter/OK Switch
INV/UPS - Increment Value
SMF/TUB - Decrement Value
HYBRID/PCU - Back/Exit Switch
UPS Mode ON - Led ON
UPS Mode OFF - Led OFF
3 SMF/TUB When it is Short Pressed it Enables TUBULAR or SMF Battery Selection System ON - Led ON
System OFF - Led ON
4 HYBRID/PCU When it Short Pressed it Enables the Hybrid PCU Mode Selection PCU Mode - Led ON
Hybrid Mode - Led OFF


S.No. LED Description
1 GREEN LED ON - Full Solar Used
LED Blinking - Partial Solar Used
LED OFF - No Solar Used
2 RED LED ON - PV Reverse Protection
LED OFF - No Protection Selected

Note:for expert we can provide 25Ah & 55Ah also.


Solar Hybrid DSP uses both Solar Power as well as A.C. Mains for charging the battery bank according to priority setting providing the users availability of uninterrupted power supply.

  • User friendly Wide LCD display for battery user interface.
  • Smart Load sharing compatibility.
  • Monitoring/data logging feature for better system information at user end (optional) Selectable charging current with high charging (HI) and Normal Charging (Low)
  • PV availability, battery charging from solar power indication with solar power priority User friendly, control and selection switches with LCD indication on front panel
  • Protections such as Mains MCB Trip, Overload, Short circuit, Battery low, over temperature indication with buzzer as well as display on LCD available
  • Power Saving through No Load Shutdown Feature
  • High tensile, acid resistant Polyster Gauntlets
  • Maximum Solar Power Utilization during charging and backup mode
  • PV pole reversal protection indication on LCD Deep discharge battery charging from A.C. Mains as well as Solar
  • No humming Noise(Silent UPS)
  • AC Mains available, battery charging/charged and it voltage indication provided on LCD display
  • Operate on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power
  • It is Integrated with in-built fully regulated 50Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller for maximum Solar Power Utilization Upgradable on 70Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • It senses the availability of Solar power, Grid power and accordingly gives preference to charging through solar power and switches to the grid power if the solar power is not available
  • It is designed to give you maximum benefit from the solar energy and minimize your electricity bill drastically
  • Highly efficient battery charging from the solar energy as a result you will get non-stop power, save money, save electricity, and protect the environment Advanced DSP technology for absolute and stable and 100% pure sine wave output
  • Indications for Mains ON, UPS ON, Battery Low, Charging/Discharging, Over Load, Short Circuit, Thermal Trip, Solar available/Not available and PV reverse on LCD Display
  • User-Friendly LCD for the display of mode of operation and all parameters
    • UPS Mode : Fast switching, Input operating range from 180V to 260V
    • Normal Mode : Wide Input operating range from 100V to 290V
    • Hybrid Mode : Intelligent battery charging though the Solar Power and Grid Power
    • Hybrid Mode : Intelligent battery charging though the Solar Power and Grid Power
    • Different Battery selection mode to enhance the battery life
  • Double stage MOSFET Over Current Protection by measuring Rds ON
  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto retries facility Programmable thermal protection : cooling fan which operates as needed
  • High Power new generation MOSFET cable to handle high in-rush/ surge current Double stage MOSFET Over Current Protection by measuring Rds ON
  • Highest efficiency at lower cost
  • Pure Sine Wave Output with low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • High End ARM-Cortex based design of Solar Charge Controller for charging through Solar Power Eco-friendly operation
  • Solar PV reverse voltage protection Electronic Over Current Charging Protection
  • Reverse Current Flow Protection from Battery to Solar Panel generally during night No mechanical contact for charge Controller
  • Designed for continuous reliable and robust operationr

# If solar is available and battery declared as full charged, then Mains will automatic cut till battery discharge upto pre-defined level in PCU mode